Glimmers of hope

Typical of what is happening in many places of the world, Clark and Mary are experiencing a different season where they serve in Southeast Asia mainland. They should be in the midst of rainy season with the rice crop being planted. This year the rains have been very unpredictable. They have had early rains, which then quit all together. Just when it was looking bleak, they had a whole week with no sunshine at all. Now it is back to being dry again. They fear for the rice crop, but continue to ask that the One in control of the weather will provide as HE sees fit.

It feels like the church is on a similar track. They find themselves heavy hearted with things they see, but then there will be a glimmer of hope. Clark and Mary feel very unsure of what their role needs to be. They long to see growth, reproduction and steady health. They know that the answer is ONLY in the Lord.

Their final translation check (online) was tentatively scheduled for August, but that has now been moved up to the final week in July. They are excited about this milestone! They know that there will be lots of time-consuming work to see it ready for print, and would appreciate your prayers. Their dream would be to have all the material recorded on tape before printing. This not only would allow people who find it hard to read to continue to have access to the Word in their language, but it would be a great way of making final corrections as things come up while reading it aloud. So far, they have NO ONE who is able and willing to help with this large job.

Clark and Mary thank you for your faithful prayers. Their journeys definitely have their ups and downs, twists and turns, but they are so very grateful to be assured that their “Pilot” is in complete control!