Final week

Philip and Vina le Roux are in the final week of the chronological Bible teaching. It is the climax of all the teaching they have done to date. But it is more than that. It is the climax of many years of training, language learning, preparation, relationship building and service to the Lord.

Philip and Vina are nervous and anxious, excited and sometimes overwhelmed. They know many tears will be shed this week. Some will be tears of joy (they hope!), but others will be of sorrow for those who choose to reject the precious gift of salvation. Their hearts break at the thought of this.

Many have walked alongside them in this ministry over the years through prayer, financial support and encouragement. As they stand in the frontlines this week, they ask that you will remember the Agutaynens in prayer. Pray for them to choose truth!

May the precious Lord and Saviour be glorified mightily!