Final checks     

Ned and Linn Beall and family have served among the Tigak people of Papua New Guinea for many years. Recently Ned has done a lot of work on Tigak Bible book summaries. He is anxious to get back to the tribe and work through them with his Tigak friends to make sure everything is being understood clearly.

It is crucial for the Tigak to understand the setting and background for each book of the Bible for clearer comprehension.  Please continue to pray that a path to get back to PNG would happen this year. Ned is able to continue proof reading, correcting and improving the Scriptures he has translated. This is a key step that needs to happen. They are still anxious for final translation checks to happen so that they can begin the process of type setting and printing the Tigak Bible.

As soon as Ned is able to make the next trip to PNG, he will need to have funds available to print the Tigak New Testament plus Old Testament portions. They have already received one very generous gift from the Ethnos 360 Bible School graduating class in 2019!