Encouraging progress

The events of this past year may have temporarily changed Jason and Shirley Birkin’s physical location, but the Lord’s work continues. They have been encouraged by the progress they have been able to make on the Tala-andig Old Testament translation work.

They have now completed the first six books of the Old Testament. The people have the first four books in their hands. Deuteronomy and Joshua are ready for the checking process.

Currently Jason and Shirley are doing a review of the New Testament making sure that the terminology throughout the New Testament is consistent with the Old Testament. At the same time, they are working with a friend on organising their entire Scripture database so that it is easily accessible for future printing via a digital app. Pray for continued wisdom and ability in the Bible translation work.

The believers are continuing to face many challenges in their location, and it is hard for Jason and Shirley emotionally not to be there to help them, however they know that the Lord is using this time to develop them further in their faith and that He does not want them to get in the way. Pray for their return to the Philippines as soon as the Lord allows.

Please pray for the believers that they would remain firm in their faith allowing the Lord to accomplish His work in their lives and community.  Pray for their safety from the dangers around them. Pray for the second generation of believers that they would walk humbly before the Lord and be willing to allow God’s Word to speak into their lives and for the third generation to continue to grow in their love for the Lord, so that they develop into people who can have leadership roles.