They prayed for five students, and the Lord gave them six! Three Central Africans, a Senegalese, and a Togolese.

They also had a Brazilian, who is already involved in Missions work, but hasn´t received training yet.

The students´ motivation and perseverance during the first two weeks of evening classes was encouraging! Some of them worked all day, barely made it home for dinner and showed up (for the most part) on time for the evening session that went from 6pm until 9pm all throughout the week. 

Also for Michael and Michaela it has been a challenge to teach for the first time in French, but the Lord was faithful and it went well. At least, that´s what their students think.

They gave the students an experience of language learning. In between the sessions, they will give the students homework and support them in doing it. The students will continue to do their ministries in their local churches as they do the training. Their pastors are willing to help them during this time.

They will also offer practical experience in one of their church planting works in a remote village. This will serve to open their eyes to the practical realities and to the different elements of planting a church amongst an unreached people group.

Pray for the students for perseverance and strength, also that they would stay motivated.

In March Michael and Michaela will be joining the literacy training at North Cotes college. This should help them to teach and develop the literacy course for West African students in future. They are excited about the opportunity.

Currently four of the eight modules from the source curriculum, Access Truth have been translated. It was hard work finding a translator who was a believer and who was familiar with the specific context. However, God has provided one who has helped them greatly but even after getting the translations back they have much work to do to get the material ready to be given to the students. Some of the modules still to be translated are more technical in nature and will require a lot of work to be able to before they can be submitted to a translator.

Thankfully, some co-workers have offered their assistance with this work.

They are thankful for all the translation work, that has been completed and the funds that have been provided.

Pray for the continued development and contextualisation of the course.

Norbert will be visiting some of the Church planting works in Ivory Coast. He will be visiting the Loron and Palaka and trying to determine what aspects of the training could be beneficial to these churches. It is their desire to be a help and an encouragement to new brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray safety and good results in their upcoming travels.

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