Life certainly looks different around the world these days!

Language learning looks a lot different for Jared and Leah Haynes (who serve with their family in Paraguay), now that they are sort of “stuck at home.” They are abiding by the different and various restrictions they have been given. That means that they have to spend the majority of their time in and around their house! They have currently been there for seven weeks so far, and are not really sure when the next time they can leave will be. That means that they need to be very intentional with their language study. They pace back and forth and recite verbs that they are trying to drill into their heads. They generally take turns going back and forth and just simply conjugate a single verb as many different ways as they possibly can! It is certainly not much fun, but it has proven effective to just simply bite the bullet and go for it!

However, not much has changed for Jared and Leah’s kids. They continue to do extremely well with their school work and are far enough ahead that they may finish this month. They are super proud of the work that they have put in. Pray they finish well!

Here’s how you can be praying for them:

  • For wisdom in how to best take advantage of their time and how to go about learning language now that they have some new challenges.
  • For their eyes to be fixed on Christ in this time and fixated on the ultimate goal!
  • For their team as they are split up in two locations. Pray for good communication using virtual tools and grace and understanding for each other in this time as well.
  • For the virus to keep a distance from the community where they live, and wisdom in what to do should it make its way there. Jared and Leah would love to serve and help their neighbours during this time. God’s work