Departure planned

Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo praise God that Alessandro has received his Canadian permanent resident card and that they have bought their airline tickets to return to West Africa. In two weeks they should be arriving in Senegal. Chantal’s parents are returning with them for four and a half months!

Here are a few things to pray about:

  • preparations for their departure – moving out of their apartment in Ottawa and packing;
  • their trip – three flights with two young kids and lots of luggage;
  • Alessandro’s twelve-hour trip by taxi to the village in Guinea to take lots of their luggage/supplies, get their own vehicle, and check on the condition of their house, and his twelve-hour trip back to Dakar;
  • their adjustment to life in West Africa and that they can quickly get back into a routine that allows them to progress in language and culture study.

This time, Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo are planning on a four-year term (unless God directs otherwise). Here are four specific things that they are trusting God to accomplish during this term. Please be praying with them!

  • that they can both speak the K……’s language well;
  • that each member of their family has at least one very close K…… friend;
  • that they would see the birth of the K…… church in Guinea;
  • that each member of their family would grow in the knowledge and love for the Lord.

Alessandro and Chantal really need your prayers and encouragement!