Consultant check

Praise the Lord, the recent consultant check that Lív asked us to pray about went very well. Jonah and the last eight epistles are now done and only three of the Gospels are left to be checked of the New Testament and then it will be complete. The Lord provided an excellent language helper, who just happened to be in the village when they needed him. It truly was a miracle that they were able to get through all the material that they had planned, since the consultant was delayed by a day, due to transportation problems.

Pray that making all the necessary changes goes well and also the preparation ready for it to be printed. Pray also that Lív will be able to do the necessary preparations for the next consultant check in due time.

Praise the Lord for a good rainy season. Most people are happy with their harvest. Pray that they will use it wisely. At the Bible teaching on Monday evenings they are going through Revelation. Pray for wisdom for the Bible teacher as he teaches and that the Lord draws those who hear to Himself.