Please pray that the believers in general and the potential future elders in particular have a correct understanding of what it means to be part of a church and their role within it.

Pray that they will be aware of the free gift of salvation they have received and be burdened to serve God without expecting or demanding outside help or a return in everything.

Sasch and Charissa with Ruben, Judah and Hosanna had to go to the provincial capital recently to extend their visas. They were hoping to extend it for five years, which would mean much less hassle during that time… that didn’t work out, but thankfully they have their visas in hand for another year. The mission plane is currently unavailable so all travel is now overland, commercial flights or by sea. Pray for safe travel as they make plans to head back. Pray for good health, as the kids have all been sick.

Over the last couple of months a vicious cough has been making the rounds in the village. They are currently thinking it may be along the lines of whooping cough. Thankfully their kids have been spared so far, but many
of the kids in the village are sick and can’t seem to shake it. One baby in the village even died from it. Please pray that people will be able to seek out the proper treatment and the means to afford it, and
that those who are affected will have strength and healing. In addition it is rainy season and the rivers are flooded, which with no bridges means that it is very difficult for anyone to travel.

Continue to pray for the Buru church.

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