Church leaders

Tim and Rebecca Ingles had a very exciting day at the end of March, celebrating together with the Wano as three Wano Bible teachers were officially ordained. (There would have been a fourth but one man was continuing to teach and disciple new believers in a different location.)

Tim and Rebecca are praising God for His work in the hearts of these men and their wives, bringing them to the point where they are fulfilling the qualifications for elders that is laid out in the books of 1 Timothy and Titus. Two of these men are becoming the first elders of the Wano church at one location. The other two will continue their focus on leading evangelism and discipleship in other outreach areas, but either way, they are so excited to see how much growth has happened in their lives over the past years and how they are already functioning in the role of leaders of the Wano church.

Praise God with them for this huge milestone, and please pray for these men as well as their wives!