Christ to be known

Jonathan, Naomi and family are doing well. They are seeking the Lord for ways they can reach out for Him in these times as they serve in West Africa. In terms of the Covid-19 virus they are behind Europe with much lower numbers of people infected. The situation where they are is as follows:

  • Schools have been closed and it is unsure at what point they will be reopened.
  • Churches are cancelled, but each family is encouraged to worship and read God’s Word together at home at the same time they would normally be at church.
  • All travel is stopped in and out of the country and between regions. This means missionaries cannot get out, it is not possible for missionaries on furlough to return and Bible translation, language and church planting experts have had to cancel their trips. Practically for Jonathan and Naomi, it means help in terms of language learning is more limited. The leadership team are discussing strategies for engaging language learning and other ministries.
  • The economic struggles hit quicker. People cannot stock up and many live day to day so when they do not have a job they do not have food to eat. This means they literally have no food to eat. This is going to be a big concern. Lots of food items may well disappear completely and not be available for months, and they are not sure what those items will be.
  • There has been an increase of fear towards foreigners.
  • There is a curfew from 8pm to 6am.

Jonathan and Naomi’s greatest desire is for Christ to be known. Please pray that the Lord would give them divine appointments to speak to people about Him. In addition, that they would have boldness, courage and wisdom in the words they use. There is a lot of fear in both believers and unbelievers who are living around them.

Pray for Jonathan’s French progression – that he might be able to communicate clearly the wonders of Christ in a way that is easier to understand. Pronunciation continues to be the number one challenge and main weakness.