Busy times

Fernando joined in on staff and leadership meetings as he is filling in as interim principal this school year while the principal is on home assignment. Tabitha tried to find a new daily routine with two little children at home. A lot of time was spent trying to battle the mold which readily grows on almost everything in the humid weather.

They were excited to see six students graduate from the school in May. The class motto was ‘Christ greater than I.’ Three students were baptised, testifying of their relationship with Christ.

In June they said goodbye to several families going on home assignment. Then they travelled to Vianopolis to see Fernando’s family and home church. Those who they visited enjoyed meeting Eliana, and Daniel enjoyed playing with his cousins.

The new school year started at the beginning of August, so July was spent getting ready for classes. They were thankful that the Lord provided a great team to get everything moved around, cleaned out and painted etc., in time.

Fernando and Tabitha are encouraged by the wonderful group of students and staff and look forward to what this school year will hold. Pray with them for a blessed school year, for unity among such a new and diverse staff team, for spiritual growth in each of the lives of the students and staff and ultimately for God to be glorified. Also pray for the parents of students serving in remote locations to share the Gospel.

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