Bible Lessons Update

The chronological Bible lessons are continuing among the Ga’dang people in the Philippines, three times a week! They have covered the stories from Creation to Moses over the past month and a half and this week have been covering the lesson on the Law.

Please continue to pray for open eyes and hearts. They have a handful of regular attendees who have not missed many lessons and are tracking right along with them – paying close attention, taking photos of the power point slides with smartphones and reading the passages of Scripture together out loud as one person reads into the microphone.

It is encouraging for the missionary team to see them attending and to hear them interacting with what they hear. Please continue to pray for the Lord to work in their hearts and for their salvation.

Pray for others who have attended once or twice or not at all – that they would be impacted by those who hear and talk about it and by the children who are bringing the news about each lesson back to their homes.