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André and Aurélie Tousch and family have arrived safely in Papua New Guinea. Thank you to everyone who prayed that the trip would go well! Praise the Lord they had no problems during the four flights that brought them from Paris to the missionary centre in Goroka. They were able to join a group of co-workers part way through the journey, then travelled with them all the way to PNG. Other than waiting a long time at Paris airport to get all their travel documents checked, all their flights and connections went smoothly.

The very day of their arrival in PNG, the PNG government tightened the conditions of entry into the country. They expected to do a 21-day quarantine, but finally after 14 days the health authorities let them know that their quarantine was over (they had entered PNG a few hours before the new restrictions came into effect). They have now been out of quarantine for a few days.

While they were away, they had no means of communicating with the Iski church. A missionary, who lives in a neighbouring tribe (Inapang), several hours away, was able to visit the Iski at the end of June to inquire about the church. She was accompanied by leaders from the Inapang church. André and Aurélie are thankful to her for having walked many kilometres to encourage the Iski church and give them some news!

This week André is preparing to go to the village where they have been living among the Iski people. He will go with their co-workers, the Williamsons, to reconnect with the church and make repairs on the house. Please pray that all will go well; pray for safety, health, and encouragement for the church.