Back in the UK

Becky Noble is back in the UK! Thank you for praying. It was a difficult journey from Papua New Guinea, where for the last four years Becky has been supporting church planting in PNG through teaching music at Numonohi Christian Academy but the Lord was answering prayer.

The Lord was watching over Becky through the challenges of the journey for which she is very thankful.

Things have been rather hectic since Becky’s arrival and her laptop has stopped working.

In addition to several routine appointments and catching up with friends and family, Becky has already made presentations at three churches, and had an interview and de-briefing at North Cotes College.

Becky is currently taking a week’s break in Wales and then in August she will be sharing at a Senior Ladies’ Bible Study in her home church as well as helping as part of United Beach Missions, beach team in Lyme Regis for a week.

In September, Becky will move to North Cotes College to begin the Foundations course.