At the Cross

About ten weeks ago the missionary team started teaching from Creation to Christ again with a new group of people in Amdu. They have been encouraged along the way with both their attention, retention and that their own language ability is sufficient to communicate the heart of the message in this condensed format.

On Sunday, they are going to bring the teaching to a culmination point with the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Christ.  Pray that God would enable their communication of the Gospel to be clearly understood and that their Amdu friends would see how deserving they are of death.

Pray that each person would see how helpless they are to fix their sin problem. Pray that they would be convinced that Jesus is the only One who can save them and that they would be able to articulate their belief in Jesus clearly.

Going through these lessons again has been very good for the Amdu believers. In fact they have had to remind them not to answer every question asked before the new students have a chance to think it through and answer themselves. The believers have also been reviewing each week with family members who are listening to the teaching.

The team challenged the believers to prepare their minds for the conversations that are coming so that they are ready to drill down into the thinking of those people who say they believe. This is not culturally comfortable for the Amdu people. But it is necessary to identify if a person is grasping the truth. So pray for them as they work alongside the missionaries in the coming weeks.

Benjamin and Missy Hatton and family are fast approaching the time for going on home assignment. Judah and Gianna have already said their final farewell to Amdu, all their friends, and their life in PNG, which was celebrated well in Amdu fashion.

When they leave on home assignment in mid-May their co-workers the Allen’s will be on their own to carry things forward as far as disciple making and translation are concerned. Pray that their last couple of weeks together will be encouraging as they hand things over to them.

Without the on going sacrifice of many other families and churches, Benjamin and Missy would not be able to be in Amdu. Thank you for remembering them in prayer.