Last week Daniel and Nicole Noort with David received the notice from Immigration Canada that Daniel’s work permit has been approved. They can now officially transfer from Ethnos to Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, NEFC.

David has been accepted to Millar College of the Bible. David is thrilled with this news. The only condition is for him to acquire his permanent residence by January or else he can do only one term. This is something they are committing unto the Lord.

Daniel and Nicole are grateful every day to be part of the family of God. Although they are bound by numerous restrictions, they can still have weekly Bible studies on the reserve and meet with them on Sundays. They also are able to have fellowship with a few local believers in the town where the live.

A few weeks ago, Daniel felt compelled to write a Gospel tract and to put it in every PO Box at the post office in their town. His artist friend helped him with the artwork of the tract. Pray that they can we reach as many people as possible with the Gospel before they move out west. There has been a strong Christian influence in their area in the past but they find hardly any evidence of that today. Please pray that the Good News will reach many in these days of social separation.

Daniel and Nicole thank and praise the Lord for:

  • God’s comfort, grace and peace every day
  • David’s acceptance at Millar Bible College
  • Approval of Daniel’s work permit
  • Opportunity for outreach

Pray for:

  • God’s blessing in their outreach efforts
  • Final steps and a smooth transition to NEFC
  • An invitation from the Canadian Government to apply for permanent residence
  • Wisdom for NEFC leadership to discern God’s will for Daniel and Nicole’s location out west