An immense joy

It was wonderful for Anna Ciociola to see how the local church in some of the villages of West Africa celebrated Jesus the Messiah, starting from Genesis using the chronological method, which was a beautiful part of the trip she took over Christmas. For missionaries like Anna who work in the city in support roles it is not always possible to live village life to the full [although the capital has its own challenges), so it is nice for them to spend time in the various villages with their co-workers! It has been a privilege for Anna to see God’s work, of which they are a part, and to see His goodness giving life to new people, the true life, that is Jesus!

As mentioned, the evening of the 25th they worshipped in the dark, with three fires lit around them: benches were placed outside the church in the courtyard in order to have more space as the church building is small. The next day they cooked and ate together (two villages).The people had very little, but they shared with them what they had and even gave them gifts of roasted peanuts. The missionaries gave practical gifts; soap for the washing, tea, sugar and stock cubes for cooking

Pray for:

The believers in the villages of West Africa for faith and spiritual growth.

Unbelievers to open their hearts to the King of Kings.

The Bible translations in progress.

Protection and good health, for all the missionaries.

God to save many in 2022.

God to use each of us for bringing His light to the world that lives in darkness.