Richard, Wendy, and family recently returned to Southeast Asia mainland where they serve among the Pwo Karen people. They are currently resting from their travels and adjusting to the time difference in a quarantine hotel. God answered prayer. They all tested negative for Covid tests and were able to get the results and other paperwork together in time for departure. They had a good flight over. Quarantine is now reduced to ten days with only two tests. They have had their first Covid test and have all tested negative.

After a three-month “whirlwind trip” around the USA, they have enjoyed this time of rest and reflecting on their short home assignment. While they did not get to see everyone that they wanted to, they did see many friends and family members and had opportunities to share about their ministry.

One of the main purposes of their time of home assignment was to take their eldest daughter to the USA to start Bible school. While it is a big transition for them all, it has been a comfort to hear that she is adjusting well and thriving in the school environment there.

About a week before they returned, there was flooding in the town where Richard and Wendy’s co-workers live. Their house is on a hill and was not affected, but Richard and Wendy’s foundation level office is in the lowlands and was flooded. Their co-workers had furniture and other possessions in the office and much of it was destroyed. They have also had the tiring job of cleaning up the mess. Praise God, a group of friends helped with the clean up. Pray for Steve, Sandra and family as they have gone through this time of trial. Richard and Wendy wish they could have been there to help. Their greatest loss in the flood was a box of school books that Wendy had put together to be sent to their quarantine hotel so that they could start off the school year. All of the books were destroyed, but other home school mums at their home church in the USA rallied around and were able to replace most of what they lost. They were encouraged to see God use the body of Christ to meet their needs.

After quarantine, they plan to return to their home in the village. Once there, they will probably have to self-isolate. Please pray for their adjustment back to the village and their life and work there.