A lot can change in a few days!

Recently we asked for prayer for Dave and Emma Moore with Joshua, as they were unable to leave for a planned home assignment. Thank you for your prayers.

A lot can change in a few days and they are grateful that they were offered a place on a US embassy repatriation flight.

They will be travelling with some of the other teachers from the school and other good friends who are also heading back for their home assignments.

They will be on several flights and it will take several days but they plan to be back in the UK on Saturday.

They are thankful for the provision of a car and accommodation for the first month (The first fourteen days being in quarantine) and they can then work things out for where to stay for the coming year.

They plan to be based in Sheffield for the home assignment where they can reconnect with their church family and where they can access further training whether it is medical, musical or Bible related. Once settled and feeling better, Dave will also be able to do some part time work in urgent care at the GP collaborative service.

Dave, Emma and Joshua have had some special times amidst the packing and preparation; saying goodbye to different friends.

Give thanks for…

  • Good friends they have made in PNG so far that make parting difficult
  • Provision of flights back home, a car and a place to stay

Please pray for…

  • Safe travels
  • Alertness for the driving part at the end
  • That they can avoid the COVID 19 virus during travel and avoid passing it onto others if they do become infected
  • The clinic team in PNG as they prepare for how to deal with COVID-19 infection with limited resources