Vission Trip PNG

Papua New Guinea

*Dates: 23rd July to 11th August 2018

**Price £2500

*Dates could change by a day or two. **Subject to flight costs and availability.

Volunteers must be over 18 years of age and in reasonably good health with a desire to work with the other team members to see the project completed.

Orientation is from 25-26th June 2018 at at NTM-UK Headquarters, North Cotes, Grimsby, England.
[Please arrive Sunday evening 24th June]

Orientation is an important requirement of going with us on a vision team so all members are required to attend.

Location and project

The project will be at Hoskins, West New Britain Province where we will do some renovation work on our mission centre. There will be all types of work for skilled and unskilled workers. Hoskins Centre is five minutes away from the airport and five minutes from the Pacific Ocean so you will have opportunities to go swimming and snorkelling. The NTM centre is surrounded by villages that speak Nakanai. We have a missionary family living on our centre who works with this language group so you will have exposure to that work. We will also be visiting a tribal work further interior – location still to be confirmed.


Flight arrangements still have to be finalised. We will take an international flight to Port Moresby PNG.  From there we will take a domestic flight to New Britain. When the team is confirmed, we will be looking for tickets. We will suggest routes and then you can buy the tickets yourselves (this price will then be reduced from the £2500) There will be flexibility in this so if you would like to visit Australia or Singapore or anywhere else on your way home that would be a possibility.


New Tribes Mission guesthouse in Hoskins. Basic but clean.

Passport and visa information

You need to have a valid passport with more than six months left before it expires. A tourist visa is given on arrival in the country. The price of the visa is covered in the £2500.

Health requirements

We will be working in hot humid conditions and in order to cope with this you will need to be in good health. A medical form is part of our application process.

It is required that you visit your doctor or travel nurse at least three months before you go on the trip to make sure you have the vaccinations they recommend for that area. These vaccinations are not covered in the cost of the trip. 


An initial £200 deposit when you apply. The remaining monies for the trip will be required to be paid to NTM in four instalments by 1st February, 1st March, 1st April and 1st May.

What is included in the cost

The costs include a £200 non-returnable application fee; all on field travel; all meals in Papua New Guinea and at orientation; accommodation; and travel insurance.

£100 of the cost is given as a contribution to the project.

The cost does not cover personal spending money, the cost of vaccinations, minor medical costs, or any insurance excesses. It does not cover your travel to and from orientation at our headquarters at North Cotes or to the international airport from where the trip will begin.

Team size – twelve people

Closing date for application is 31st March 2018

If you require further information please fill in the more info form