Year of the horse

Thankfully, by the last week in February Barrie was feeling well enough to make his planned trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand to meet together with NTM leaders from countries in that part of the world. Cherri was happy to be able to accompany him and sit in on most of the meetings. It was challenging for them to hear the reports of the large number of people groups in countries that still have either no Gospel witness, and/or little in the way of Bible resources or Bible teaching in their heart language. Most of these areas are not able to be reached by traditional methods. Yet each of the people groups in these needy areas should be given the opportunity to hear and clearly understand the wonderful truth of the Gospel. The purpose in meeting together was to discuss a feasible strategy for making that happen.
After a week at home again Barrie left Singapore for meetings in Manila, Philippines.
Barrie is now back in Singapore and asks that we keep praying for the group of Indian men who are planning to begin teaching Firm Foundations to Tamil migrant workers. There have been delays in getting started. Please pray that they will be able to start soon.
Also pray for Cherri’s eyes. She has had chronic problems with them for a long time, which had improved about 90% over the last several years. Unfortunately for the last few months it’s been bad again, hindering her ability to do much computer work or read.

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