Worship in Dinangat

The few Bible teachers are busy with the work of their own church so it is hard for them to also think of other villages that are between three to ten hours hike away. Please pray for the Dinangat church that more faithful men and women would arise for God’s work and that other villages would get the chance to hear God’s story!

Also pray for an older man who has a heart for the elderly in the church. He has been teaching God’s ‘Redemption Story’ to a few of them at weekends and two people have given a clear testimony of their new faith in Christ. Ralf was able to encourage him not to give up doing God’s work in spite of opposition; he really wants to be faithful!

The church elders and Bible teachers are often have to deal with different struggles within the church, for example; problems in marriages, teenagers that are listening to false teaching in town etc. But every time the missionaries go to see them they are really impressed with how they are handling these things. As they are committed to the work that God gave them, He is working in them and through them and the missionary team to Ralf, Elli and co-workers the Markleys and Smiths find it just so beautiful to see! Please keep praying for the leaders of the church!

During his visit Ralf, was able to spend a lot of time with his translation helpers. He asked one of them whether he would occasionally be able to travel to Goroka (where the mission base is located) to help him with the translation there or if that would be too much trouble for his family and looking after their gardens, he answered, “There is nothing more important than God’s work! Everything else is second and can wait! We started this Bible translation together and we will also finish it together!” Those words were a real encouragement to the team. He is so right; it is such a privilege to get to do God’s work!

The translation of Revelation will soon be ready for checking by a consultant. They also want to finish II Corinthians for this next check, but that is still a long and challenging process. Please pray for wisdom and strength for the translation work!

Thank you so much for your prayers!

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