Worn out

Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo with Samuel and Jolissa praise God that He is faithful and is carrying them through one day at a time as they live among the K…… people of West Africa. Pray for them as they are feeling very worn out. They are thankful that they will soon have a break in the city. Pray that they will be refreshed and ready to get back into life in the village.

Alessandro and Chantal’s language helper visits faithfully each day for their language session. They are thankful for this and the progress that they have made. Now that their helper is back in school, they never know what time he will show up for the language session, which can be challenging. Pray that as a family they would be able to be flexible and handle this well.

Pray for their progress in culture and language acquisition and for their relationships.

Pray that Samuel and Jolissa will grow to love the Lord and for Alessandro and Chantal with regard to parenting and home schooling.

A recent visit from their former co-worker went well. Pray for their current co-workers as they work on preparing for Bible teaching. Pray for the K…… people and for hearts ready to receive God’s truth.