Please pray for an elderly couple Jon and a believer are teaching in another village. They are struggling to visit consistently to teach them because of the rains. Pray that their understanding and faith would grow in the midst of pressures upon them to participate in spirit worship. Pray that they could be a witness in their village and that others would have the courage to go against the spirits they believe in and be willing to listen to truth.

Neighbours in their village are grieving as their four-month-old baby died this month. Their family and relatives are very resistant to learning about God. Pray that God would comfort the parents in their loss and that they would be willing to seek Him.

Jon and Kristen recently helped a lady to go to the city for medical help. Her condition did not look hopeful and they were not sure she would even survive the trip, but all praise be to God, she not only survived the trip, but her condition is treatable and she is on the mend! They have had a few chances to share the Gospel with her, the whole family has trusted in Jesus, and they are eager to learn. God continues to reaches into hearts and lives and brings hope out of hopeless situations! Please pray for them as they begin their new life of faith. There is much opposition to them turning to Jesus. Jon and his co-worker Maarten would appreciate prayer as they have begun teaching the family through the Firm Foundations lessons.

Jon and Kristen are thankful for God’s protection and provision for them in so many ways. The kids have been working hard in school as well as enjoying many extra-curricular activities with both their village friends and other missionary kids. The road situation has improved a lot and Kristen spends a lot of time driving their kids to town for various social and/or educational events.

Thank you for standing with Jon and Kristen and family in prayer.

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