Workshop in Colombia

Before going to Colombia Jonathan had spent many hours translating power points and notes into Spanish in preparation for the course. They were very pleased and encouraged with the way the course came together.
Some of the men were able to attend because of a special offering given by a church in Norwich. It was exciting to see people attending from Panama, Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, England, USA and of course Colombia.
Jonathan, Rachel and youngest son Jack really enjoyed their summer travels. On their way back from Colombia they “stopped by” the USA and spent many happy hours with their children, grandsons and friends. They also enjoyed sharing about missions at a church that also provided them with accommodation.
Jonathan and Rachel are now back living on campus in England at NTM-UK in North Cotes, Lincolnshire. Their responsibilities this year include helping in the Cross-Cultural Communications (“3C”) course, teaching, security and other odd jobs. They are still involved with Latin America and in December Jonathan has been invited to meetings in Florida to talk about goals for Latin America. This week Jonathan is accompanying the 3C students on a three day survival course in the woods of Derbyshire. The following week he is off to a seminar in the South of England for a few days.
Jonathan and Rachel’s son James has just started Bible school here at North Cotes College, so has moved about 200 feet away from them into the singles dorm. So far he has been enjoying classes and is looking forward to becoming an overseas missionary. He had the opportunity to go on a Summit trip to Brazil this summer. Their daughter Hannah has finished university and is enjoying a break in the US with Karis and family. Hannah will soon be starting her new nursing job in Norwich.
Over in the USA , please pray for Thomas, Jodi and family as Jonathan and Rachel’s new grandson, Isaiah, has been having some health issues although is now home and doing better. Grant, Karis and Alistair have moved home. Karis will continue to nurse whilst Grant takes a Master’s course online. Their new little one is due at the end of October.

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