Working together

Recently a team from the UK (including three from North Cotes) went to northern Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa to pour a concrete floor in a church in a remote village.
The Lord provided all the equipment needed for the work including a power trowel, a tamping machine and a cement mixer. Without these the work would have been very difficult indeed. They were able to pour 250 square metres of concrete. The local believers helped in all aspects of the work from beginning, through to completion. The village ladies hauled, on their heads over 3000 litres of water for the project. That is over three tonnes!
The whole team remained healthy during the entire trip and enjoyed spending time with the believers.
Pray that the believers would be encouraged to continue to grow spiritually and reach out to others in their language group. The church building that now has a metal roof and solid floor will be well used and a real blessing, especially during rainy season.