Working together

Jonathan and Dian Langhardt with Benaja and Lukas serve at the missions national training centre in Asia-Pacific and they are thankful that they were able to successfully complete the linguistics subject before Christmas. It confirmed to Jonathan that the analysis of languages is not his thing. However, he is delighted with the current subject of internal internship. Normally this would be the time for mission simulation in another ethnic group but because the module cannot take place as usual due to the ongoing pandemic, they have the opportunity to work together on campus.

The four mission candidates are diligently helping Jonathan and his colleague with many administrative tasks. Until the end of March they will serve God together and experience various workshops together. Pray for Jonathan as every third calendar week he does the bookkeeping. He has also been assigned to two workshops. For one week each, he will explain the topics of ‘writing updates and making prayer cards’ and ‘sharing about missions in church meetings etc’. After this he can return to teaching Bible lessons for the letters of John and the letter of Jude.

In December, one of Dian’s colleagues fell ill with the corona virus on campus and was in quarantine for about a month. Thank the Lord she is now completely healthy again. Although the situation is often not easy and new challenges keep arising, God encourages Dian and she can entrust everything to him in prayer.

Dian’s mother visited them for a full five weeks including Christmas. At New Year her brother visited for three days. Then the two of them started their journey home together. The visit was overwhelming for her mum, as she had never left her island before. She was finally able to see her grandchildren again and see the work.

The recording of Bible lessons for children has been going well. All 52 sections on the Old Testament are already set to music. Please keep praying that the Lord will give Dian strength so that she can soon record the stories from the New Testament.

The students who are still doing their internship in their home communities will return next month. Jonathan and Dian cannot wait to hear how they fared. They hope that in March they will finally be able to have childcare again during class times. To date, Dian and her colleague have only been able to set up a children’s programme on Thursday mornings when they do sports together outdoors and hear a Bible story. Apart from that, Ben and Lukas are happy that two girls visit every Friday morning. Because Dian takes care of the little ones, their mom has the opportunity to take part in missions course lessons two days a week.

Many of Benaja’s friends have returned home because their parents have to do an internship there. He now speaks much more German. Pray for a suitable learning helper for him (from mid-2021).

Many thanks to all of you who prayed for the construction of the new multi-purpose building! Your prayers are being answered; building has gone very well so far.

Thank you for participating in God’s work. The Lord strengthens Jonathan and Dian and answers your prayers.