Working together for good

The last couple of months Daniel, Nicole and David Noort have been busy, both mentally and physically, with moving from Ontario to Saskatchewan. That is the same distance as from Amsterdam to Gibraltar, which is 2500km.

Every month, God has provided for their needs but trying to save up never seems to work out.

Over the last few weeks, Daniel and Nicole were able to join weekly Bible studies with their friend who they had helped to build an art gallery and with other brothers and sisters in the Lord. This was a great blessing to all of them and they pray these Bible studies continue.

The same friend organised a fundraiser for them, which enabled them to buy a big 24-foot trailer. Wow, praise the Lord! He also has a friend he grew up with who is not a believer and who tore down his cottage to build one totally new. Daniel and Nicole were given everything he did not need any more like a water boiler, furnace, fridge, microwave, stove etc. On November 1st, they drove off towards Saskatchewan.

Their good old van pulled the trailer without a problem but soon they started to notice some swaying going downhill. After four hours, they stopped at a garage and had a sway bar installed. This totally transformed the ride. “Thank you, Lord, for providing this sway bar!” They also needed to buy new wheels and tyres.

David followed them in the smaller car and they talked to each other through walkie-talkies. They parked the van and trailer at their new home and with David’s car they drove to a reserve to stay with their friends. For now, they are staying there whilst working on their new home. The owner of their house had been working hard to get things ready but was not able to finish. It is a great time for them to work together and connect with friends. They hope to be able to move in soon. They are so grateful for God making all things work together for their good.

Pray for:

  • God’s help for finishing their new home.
  • God’s wisdom and guidance for the next steps.
  • God’s blessing for the renewal of all their work permits.
  • Work for David until he can start Bible school (he is still on a waiting list)