Working together

In February, Sasch and Charissa Schwendich and family enjoyed an influx of visitors where they live among the Buru people in Asia-Pacific, and had a full ‘week of work’ on the church building. It was very exciting to see the church working together. Many of the men set-aside part or all the week for working, and the ladies agreed to cook lunch each day for the workers in addition to snacks morning and afternoon. Good progress was made then, and in March, when another full ‘week of work’ was held, with the ladies cooking again. One wall is nearly complete including window frames, and the other wall is not far behind. During both weeks, it was also a blessing to see how many men who do not even attend the meetings were happy to spend time helping build. Please pray for perseverance so that progress will continue quickly, and for stamina for all as these work weeks are physically taxing for all involved.

Sasch has made good progress in translation. The previously checked chapters of Mark are now finished and he has a good first draft of four more chapters. Pray that the checking and tweaking process will go smoothly and quickly.

Home assignment time is coming up swiftly. They will be heading to Germany in October to attend Dennis’s (Sasch’s brother, who is currently helping them with home schooling) wedding and then will be in the USA for November and December before returning to Germany at the beginning of January for about six months.

Please pray for them during the next few months. While they are home this time Sasch and Charissa need to try to find some answers for Judah’s health issues and the kids will also be attending school in Germany. Pray for time and wisdom to make the appointments and plans that are needed, even as daily life in the Buru village is always overwhelmingly busy.

Thank you all for continually remembering and supporting them with your prayers!