Working through weakness

Each time Norman and Bobby Murphy move from the UK to Asia and back there are many physical, practical and emotional adjustments to make.

So once again, they would value your prayers as they prepare to relocate.

Whilst they have been in N. Ireland Norman and Bobby have had a number of fun activities with different members of their family and were recently delighted with the arrival of their eighth grandchild.

This month Norman will travel back to Southeast Asia. There is a lot for him to do from day one including more travelling.

Early in September, Bobby plans to join Norman, returning together in March next year. Of course, these plans depend on continued good health, pray for this too.

There is always work to continue with while Norman and Bobby are in N. Ireland but once back in Southeast Asia there will be many more daily responsibilities. Often there are mundane and routine tasks around the office. The term ‘member care’ sounds very formal but there is always the need for intentionally looking out for people, listening and providing support. They enjoy interacting with those in established church planting works around the field and seek to help as they can. In the new locations and countries they visit, they continue to build relationships and develop partnerships with nationals and other ex-pat workers. They look forward to helping new families who are coming this year to settle in these new locations. These are just some of the things Norman and Bobby anticipate being involved in over the coming months.

Solomon said, as he took on the role of king in Israel, ‘I am just a child, I do not even know how to go out or come in.’ He recognised the great responsibility given to him and, humbly acknowledging his own inability, he sought God for wisdom and help in the task. Norman and Bobby are increasingly aware that without Him they can do nothing but trust Him to work through their weaknesses.