Working remotely

Christopher and Lilli Meyer, with Linda, Silas and Viola serve among the Kaze people of Papua New Guinea. They are currently on home assignment in Germany.

Three weeks ago, Linda had surgery on her left ear. They are extremely grateful for the experienced specialist who did the surgery. Overall, he was happy with how things went. It seems that the cholesteatoma has been there for years and has destroyed all the hearing bones. Full reconstruction is yet to be completed. The danger of further damage has now been removed. Praise the Lord! Linda’s next surgery is probably going to happen in January which makes March 2025 the nearest possible date of return to PNG. Over the past few years they have learned (and continue to learn!) to hold their plans loosely. But they would really appreciate your prayers in this matter as they long to go back and keep serving the Kaze church.

Christopher is currently devoting most of his time working remotely on some projects for the Kaze. Just a few months before they left PNG the team made a significant number of changes in the orthography, and he is currently updating the literacy programme. Apart from the orthography changes, he is also working on developing a kind of home school programme, so parents who are already literate can take the books and teach their children at home.

Apart from his involvement in the Kaze ministry Christopher has also been able to preach in various churches and visit supporters. He is also doing one-on-one discipleship with a young man in their hometown.

Overall, as a family they are doing pretty good. Linda and Silas love going to school, and Viola is just a bundle of joy running around from morning until night and learning so much daily. The exciting family news is that they are expecting another baby, due early October.

Sadly, one of Silas’ closest friends was recently diagnosed with a very aggressive and fast-growing brain tumour that cannot be operated. Please pray for him and his parents.

The Kaze brothers and sisters are currently on their own in the village. One of their co-workers was able to make a visit recently to see how they are doing. Please, keep Christopher and Lilli’s co-workers and the Kaze believers in your prayers.


  • For Linda’s surgery and a very good specialist
  • That their kids love being in Germany
  • For the new life growing inside Lilli


  • That Linda’s ear will heal well
  • That the Kaze believers continue to follow Jesus
  • For a miracle concerning the boy with the tumour

Thank you so much for your continued interest and prayer support.