Work in progress

Paul and Cathy see a lot of progress and more things are being handed over to the people. However, they can still help with acquiring land, appointing elders, training and writing study guides.

At the start of June Paul and Cathy with daughters Zoe and Alethea plan to go to Northern Ireland and then return to the village in the Philippines for another stint at the beginning of September! They’re very excited to see everyone at home soon!

With so much land being disputed and sold for tourism in their area of the Philippines the missionary team realised that they needed to buy land for the church. Unexpectedly, the man who owns the land that they’re renting decided he doesn’t want to sell. This means they need to look for land and erect a new church building. Please pray that the Lord will show them the best location and that all the paperwork won’t be too messy!

Praise the Lord there are now six men in the church that God has clearly enabled to teach. There are also nine Sunday school teachers, and ladies are leading their own Bible studies. A few believers however, have not been legally married and have realised they should be, so they may have the first believers’ wedding in May.

Paul has gone with eleven young people from the village and some other young people from another NTM work on the island, to a two week Bible camp. It’s an intense course with classes from 7am-5pm each day. Over a 3 year period students study various courses like doctrine, Walk through the Bible, Romans, evangelism, mission, as well as doing some practical things like door-to-door and planning and running a Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS). Please pray for Paul, as last year he got pretty sick at camp, so hopefully he’ll keep better this time.”

It’s the summer holidays in the Philippines so teaching of the chronological Bible lessons in the local primary school has finished. The missionaries are hoping some of these kids come to DVBS/Kids Club next month. In the past they’ve bought a DVBS pack for the teachers to use, but this year the teachers are coming up with their own theme, lessons and materials. This is so that they can run it themselves without much expense when the missionaries are no longer there. Please pray for the teachers and kids who will attend, that they will really understand the truth and will want to live their young lives for the Lord and even impact their parents.

A real answer to prayer has been in regards to home schooling! Recently, Zoe has been much more interested and co-operative and so Cathy has enjoyed it more! They’re trying to get P2 completed before June! Alethea usually goes out with Paul (and her bag!) while Cathy teaches Zoe. She loves going to visit people.
For Paul and Cathy knowing when someone is ill enough to send, or even take them to hospital a few hours away; is one of the hardest things in the medical work. Please pray the Lord will give them wisdom and help in this.

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