Word of God

Now New Tribes Mission has launched a project, which will run over the next ten years, to help raise funds for the translation of the whole Bible in the Loron language and for the printing of more much-needed literacy and Bible teaching materials.
Project Goal: $149,060
Still Needed: $114,260
The 10,000 Loron people live in isolated homesteads and villages over 2,500 square miles. The majority still follow animistic practices and many remain monolingual. Few Loron people ever had the opportunity of an education.
However, about 500 Loron believers worship in 20 churches. Literacy in their heart language has become important to them, and they desire the whole Bible in their language.
The goals of this project are to complete the New Testament translation, the Old Testament, a literacy course and then Bible teaching materials.
The Lorons, equipped with excellent literacy tools, the entire Bible and an extensive Bible curriculum in their own language could be the catalyst for reaching out to the rest of their people group and to other ethnic groups in the region, some of whom have no believers or functioning churches among them.
Pray for Paul who returned to West Africa this week and for Marina who plans to join him in March.

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