Womens’ work

At the beginning of March, Damaris and little Jonathan were able to make a trip with the assistance of their local congregation. For health reasons, Sascha remained in Dakar, and a pastor couple went along instead. It was a good trip, and Damaris, again, learned something cultural: the production and sale of cheese and yogurt are seen in the north as “women’s work”. Cheese production was successful and Damaris not only had spectators but also practical help. Because it was the dry season and there was not enough milk, Damaris’ main concern was demonstrating the process without wasting any milk. Damaris had learned to make a feta-like cheese at a cheese-making school in Allgäu.
As NTM is holding an international conference in Senegal this summer, Sascha is busy planning. Before and after the conference, other meetings and training sessions will take place. In addition to hotels, guesthouses, meals, and transportation costs, he must see to the visas, flights, and currency exchanges for about 150 travellers. The slogan of the conference is “Refresh.” Pray that this week in June will be a real rejuvenation for body, soul and spirit for all the participants.
Damaris has changed language assistants as school has begun again for her previous teacher. Pray that Damaris can renew and maintain her relationship with the previous teacher as it has become clear that she no longer has any real interest in the Gospel. Also pray that Damaris can make linguistic progress (in Wolof) with her new teacher.
Please pray for a substitute for the supply-buyer and for new guesthouse hosts (from June). A replacement accountant has yet to be found to free up Sascha, as he needs to be able to give more attention to his ministry on the service leadership team for NTM in West Africa.

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