Women with focus on things above

Each Friday morning at 8 o’clock the ladies meet for some Bible study and prayer time. While the little kids go to preschool next door; singing their songs and reciting their rhymes with all they have got in them (it is so cute!), The ladies try to focus on the Bible passage that they heard in church the Sunday before. As a church they are currently learning from the letter to the Colossians.
At the last adies’ meeting they talked about how they can put into practice what it says in Col 3: 1-2: “Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”
Elli and her co-worker Esther asked the ladies how they can practically focus on things above and not on earthly things in the midst of the grind of their daily lives.
One of Elli’s good friends shared how she does it, “When I look around me and I see everything that God has made, I think of Him who made it all for us to live in. And when I work in my garden then I thank Him for the strength He gives me to work. And when I harvest the foods in my garden I know that it was not me who made things grow, but it was my God who grows the food for us, and I thank Him for it!”
Later on they talked about their older kids, some of whom live in faraway towns with relatives and go to school there. The contact with them is rare and many women are worried about them.
One lady also gave a word of encouragement whilst nursing her one year old twins. She also worries about her older two kids who live in town. But she explained that she knows that she can entrust them to God who watches over them and cares for them. She appealed to the women, saying that they need to pray for each other and for each other’s kids so that they will not lose their focus on God who cares and provides.
Another lady who is alone with several young kids for months at a time because her oldest kids and her husband are living in town to go to school, shared openly how overwhelming life often gets for her because she has so much work to do. She frequently feels very alone and incapable to care for every need of her family. But she also shared what she does to get her focus back on the Lord. She said that when she feels overwhelmed she grabs her Bible and reads it and finds new courage and strength to keep on going. By reading her Bible, she experiences peace and does not feel alone anymore.
Elli is very proud of those ladies! They are a great example to her! She is so thankful that they are learning to walk with their Lord whether things are easy or hard. For when they look to Him all other things that seem so important at the time become so small because they see how big and great their life is with HIM!

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