Without ceasing

David, Christine, Abby and Sarah are so very thankful for the health they have as a family and have been praying without ceasing for a number of friends with serious health needs.

Where they live in Chihuahua is mostly desert, as is a good portion of northern Mexico. Cacti are a very common sight and FOOD! Called, nopal (nopales, plural) these cacti can be cooked or eaten raw in smoothies…which is the way they prefer them! Cooked they can be a bit slimy…an acquired taste, for sure.

In local grocery stores and markets people will set up a stall and use a knife to scrape off the thorns of the cactus “ears” and chop them up to sell for eating (or leave them whole, whatever you prefer!) Where Christine shops she has come to know a young lady who prepares the nopales there. Every week they chat a bit and last week she was able to give her a New Testament, some Christian literature and an evangelistic Bible study book (The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus). Please pray that she will read these things and that her heart will be open to the truth of God’s Word.

David has also been getting to know a man at the gym who is hard of hearing. Communication is a bit difficult but he is interested in reading God’s Word. They are thankful for that opportunity and ask for your prayers for him, too!

Praise the Lord they have finished the third quarter of the school year well and have just one more to go!
Please pray for them all as they get prepared for Abby’s upcoming graduation.

David and Christine along with another couple will be taking the graduating seniors (Abby and her friends) on their class trip to San Diego, in April. Sarah will be joining them and hanging out with her cousins. They would appreciate your prayer for all the details of the trip.

David and Christine praise the Lord that they were able to buy their tickets for their trip to Northern Ireland this summer. They arrive early June and return at the beginning of August. They are looking forward to spending time with family, friends, their church and supporters during that trip.

Praise the Lord, too, for the continued safety He has given David in his work and for the encouragement He has given them all at school. They are facing some staffing needs for next school year and would appreciate prayer for that situation.

Thank you for your faithful prayers!

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