Robert and Nicole Westerveld thank the Lord that He continuously gives wisdom for translating His Word.

Robert recently finished the first draft of the last chapters of Exodus. He will need to check those chapters with several believers in the tribe before they can do a last consultant check of Exodus so that it is ready for printing, hopefully next year.

There are always challenges in translating.  He has started to work on the translation of Joshua. In the first chapter, it mentions the half-tribe of Manasseh. The Yagwoia people do not talk about ‘a half-tribe’ so he needed to ask the Lord for wisdom and insight. One of the commentaries he looked at talked about those of the tribe of Manasseh who were to live on ‘this side’ of the river Jordan. So that is how he ended up translating it. The Lord helps them over and over again to translate His Word in the language of the Yagwoia people so that they will be easily understood. Robert also wants to start translating Numbers and to continue with Proverbs.

Lord willing Robert and Nicole hope to visit the tribe in December/January. During the last few months they tried to contact the believers at the different locations in the tribe, but without success. This month one of the believers called them. He said that they had been praying for them, that they would not get sick and wanted to know more about the pandemic. They were glad that they could inform him about the change in plan for visiting the tribe.

They are thankful for health and safekeeping as they take care of Robert’s elderly parents in the Netherlands. Their children Elianne and Amos have continued going to work and Jorim has been doing his schoolwork at home and recently returned to take his exams.