Wisdom needed

Phil and Elin Henderson have had a challenging but good first month back in the village among the Mwinika.  Elin arrived not feeling 100% and found herself pretty wiped out the first week. She was discouraged but God used that time to help her realign her goals with His, and not the other way around.

God has opened a door for a new location to start literacy classes. The local school has a room they use for “adult education” from Monday to Wednesday. Phil and Elin have permission to use it for literacy from Thursday to Saturday. They are in the process of registering students to begin studying. Also, they hope to do a day-seminar for the literacy teachers sometime in the next month.

Phil has been busy getting material ready for a translation check in August. Everything is moving forward. He is still working on preparing 1 & 2 Thessalonians for the check. It is challenging for him as he is also overseeing the building of their home.

Elin is seeing the need to focus more on one-on-one discipleship with the stronger, believing women. This includes improving their literacy skills as well as focusing on their personal spiritual growth. Pray that they will begin to feel more conviction to reach out to those around them and have the confidence to share truth. Elin plans to hold a one-day-seminar with them as a group, teaching on the book of Ruth to help them understand it better and be able to teach it to others.

Praise the Lord, that they have new sets of equipment and material for outreaches in several different locations. One outreach is in the final lessons. Many are coming and Phil and Elin are trusting God to work in hearts as they continue to hear the life breathing truth of the Word of God. They get constant requests for the teaching from communities all around them.

Phil and Elin were able to take a trip to South Africa as Phil was scheduled to attend some leadership meetings for the field of Southeast Africa. This year’s meetings were held in South Africa. On top of that, Elin’s visa needed to be renewed. It was a good time of fellowship with their colleagues as well as rest for them both. They were also able to visit their friends and speak at their church, and catch up with prior colleagues from Mozambique.

House building has officially begun! They have a local ‘Master Builder’ from a nearby town who is heading up the project. They thank the Lord for him. He has been doing a great job and saving them a lot of time and effort. They had a time of prayer and dedication as the foundation was being laid. This was a good time to commit the house to the Lord and to His service.

Pray for:

  • Wisdom as they follow up with the new outreaches. Pray also that God will work in the hearts of those hearing – that they will come to salvation.
  • Wisdom to prioritise their time – the needs are great and their time and resources are limited.
  • Elin as she plans a women’s seminar on the book of Ruth.
  • The literacy programme as it expands – and specifically for the new group starting up.
  • Phil and his team as they prepare for the upcoming translation check.
  • The house building to continue to move forward and for safety for those building.
  • Their co-workers, François and Nadia Hattingh, as they are returning to serve in the village after many years away.
  • Their kids back in the USA – they are both doing well, but very busy – Callie as a full-time lifeguard at the camp where she serves and

Elias working full-time for the college plus part-time at a job in town.

Phil and Elin need eyes of faith to see the potential that God can accomplish! They want to be faithful to do their part and thank you for being part of this miracle through prayer.