Wisdom and welcome

Oli and Anne-Sophie Tindalid with Liljan and Leanna have been serving the Lord in Greenland. They welcomed Luckas Benaja into their family in late May. Their plan for the next few months will first be to get to know their new family member and get into a new rhythm with two teens and a newborn baby.

The past six months have been busy; Oli visited the UK twice for two weeks for his work, which interrupted the Bible teaching. Work can also take more space in their daily lives than they sometimes would like. They have been learning that they need to rest on the Lord and let Him guide them in how to manage those situations. Without Him they can do nothing.

While Oli was in UK, he had the opportunity to visit many friends and family members. It was a rich time for him and next time they hope it will be with the whole family. They trust God that if it is His will, it will happen at the right time.

In January, Anne-Sophie started to teach the youngest children from their church – there are not many children but it has been a blessing as she has seen them learn week after week a little bit more of who God is. They started at the beginning – creation, and did not rush … they are taking the time to learn Bible verses and about God’s character. Anne-Sophie has also just finished the first part of the Bible study with a friend from the church who recently trusted God. It was a blessing to see her so eager to know more of God, and reading as well as understanding His Word. They plan to continue in September.

Their plans for the next months are to continue the Bible study through Romans (in a group) and the Bible teaching at their church with their co-workers. They really need God’s wisdom in planning.

Anne-Sophie will be in Switzerland this month with the children and Oli will join her later for a trip to Norway for a conference with Ethnos 360. Several people in Norway follow God’s work in Greenland. Mid-August the girls will start school again and in September they plan to continue with different Bible studies, but they need God’s guidance in how to do it for His glory.

Anne-Sophie will also have to decide to do whether to stay home for a longer period to take care of Luckas or to find a part time job and a day care solution. Working gives the possibility to meet more people but it will also create other challenges –again they need God’s wisdom.

Things are moving forward even though it is very slow. They are thankful for the two years in Nuuk and the opportunity God has opened to them. Also for all the Bible studies and for what God is doing in lives through His Word.

There are still many challenges with school for Liljan and they hope she will soon feel more secure in school and will finally enjoy learning. Leanna is quite happy at school and she knows how to challenge herself. At home, they all have to adjust to the big changes. They are thankful for their baby son and pray for God to guide them in this new parenting role.

They desire God’s Word to be their highest authority and that the Holy Spirit will help them grow spiritually day after day.

Pray that God will continue the work He has started in Greenland, that many Greenlanders will have the opportunity to have the Word of God in a clear and accurate way and that God will transform their lives forever for His glory.