Winter in Missouri

Now they are working hard to get all the air-conditioning units up and running before the end of the year in order to receive a very large rebate on the cost. Pray for the mission staff as they work to this end. Robert’s part is running around for the supplies, but he has also been helping with the project as well.

Rosemarie’s had her busiest term ever with classes and meetings and she will be participating at the International Trainers Forum in the New Year. Pray that these meetings will be a rich time of unity, fellowship and enhancing the training of NTM missionary candidates around the world. People will be attending from all the continents and Robert and Rosemarie will be hosting a couple themselves. Meanwhile Rosemarie has had two trips to the hospital pain clinic with a procedure to alleviate the sciatica – the third and last trip was yesterday. Pray this deals with the residual pain for a long time to come!

Robert and Rosemarie will be celebrating 45 years of marriage come New Year’s Day.

Pray for missionaries around the world separated from their loved ones at Christmas and other friends who have lost loved ones. Teaching continues in two tribes in PNG and in a tribe in W. Africa while at least another dozen missionary teams are making preparations to teach in 2017 and many more working towards completing their translations.

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