Winding up

Tony and Maria Verlaan are now winding up their time in Australia where they have spent time with family to head back to South Africa.

They are very thankful for the body of Christ, family and friends that have encouraged, supported and prayed for them and their family over these last seven- eight months while being in Australia, and for Tony’s two trips back to Africa in July and October.

They know that there will be many unknowns before them again as they spread themselves out between four countries during the next twelve months. (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania).  They will need to find a small apartment to rent and set up home again in South Africa, and find a small car to purchase etc. They have lost count of how many times that they have packed and unpacked over the last 36 odd years, but they want to trust the Lord to help them once again.

Although Tony and Maria do not exactly know what the future holds for them after 2021, they want to focus on this next year in Africa and finish up well with the current responsibilities, and pass on the baton with no regrets. They thank the Lord for what He has enabled them to initiate and handover during the past nine years of living there. They are also thankful to the Lord for those He raised up to take on their roles and expand the ministry of equipping God’s people for cross-cultural ministry within Africa and beyond.

For the next year they plan working with missionary teams in four countries and the local church in South Africa Tony was co-pastoring, and will continue to disciple, encourage and equip. Also handing over any leadership roles, to those leaders who are currently in training.

Pray that they finish well in Africa over this next year and for the Lord’s wisdom to know what He has for them next. (They have had some ministry opportunities put before them, and are praying through them).

They leave Australia with mixed emotions once again…especially leaving family. Tony and Maria would really appreciate your prayers for strength as they say their goodbyes.