Winding down

Since attending the annual field conference in Manila at the beginning of the month Caleb has spent some time with a missionary couple who were close friends with his parents when they served in the Philippines so it was a great time of catching up and hearing about their experiences over many years. Since then he has been in Manila checking out what is available and trying to get his bearings around the capital which is made up of sixteen cities!
Please be praying for Caleb as he wraps up his time in the Philippines and flies back to England at the beginning of February! He will definitely miss the country with its culture and people that he has grown to love more and more each day; Lord willing he will be back for good soon!
One thing Caleb definitely won’t miss is the language barrier between him and his hairdresser. The other day he went to the barber and asked the man to take off just one inch; unfortunately, the hairdresser’s English wasn’t great and neither is Caleb’s Filipino yet – so he ended up with just one inch left.

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