Why am I doing what I am doing?

Every so often Benjamin and Wina Hansen with Noah try to reconsider, rethink and remember why they do the work they do at Ethnos360 in Germany.

They are mainly involved with short-term missionaries. Sending young people abroad to support long-term missionaries, working together to achieve the ultimate goal: to reach the unreached and to plant independent churches that can read and apply the Word of God in their own language. It is God alone who can make things happen in and through them. Without His work, their tasks remain meaningless. Pray for them to be dependent on God and that they view tasks with the right perspective.

Due to the pandemic, many things have also gone a bit differently for them in the short-term ministries department. The ‘Pre-Field Orientation’ week, which normally takes place in England, was spontaneously moved to the German mission centre. Despite the unfamiliar situation, they were very encouraged to see how the individual short-term staff members continue to trust God to guide them this year.

Unfortunately, the situation has not yet changed much, and many borders are still effectively closed in countries where short-term (and long-term) members should soon be going. This is especially challenging for those who have already given up their jobs and apartments. Pray for wisdom as Benjamin and Wina counsel individuals in these situations and answer their questions. Pray also that borders will soon open again as many missionaries need the support of these workers so that they can be more effective in their work.

It is encouraging to know that God never has a plan B! In fact, He is using all things in life by design to help us grow and become more like Christ!

Currently Benjamin and Wina are preparing for their yearly ‘re-entry weekend’ where they will see many of the returned short-term staff members again and hear about their ministries overseas during the last year. They would like to reflect with each one of them regarding their time of service. Pray for wisdom in conversations as some have had challenging experiences in the last year.

Benjamin, Wina and Noah had a wonderful and relaxing holiday. Noah had the opportunity to attend and enjoy a week’s holiday Bible club. Benjamin and Wina hope to start a local children’s house group in the near future to bring the Good News of the Gospel to Noah’s friends. Pray specifically for this project and that the boys will attend.

Thank you for your support through prayer.