Whirlwind weeks of ministry

Phil had a safe and productive trip to the USA in late June and early July where he was involved in a curriculum development project. Their daughter Callie joined them in late July and they enjoyed a short break in South Africa together as a family.

In early August they returned to the village and got settled in for a whirlwind three plus weeks of ministry. This has included intensive work on translation for Phil. He has been able to finish drafting 1 Corinthians and is presently working on comprehension checking for 1 Corinthians and portions of the early life of David. This involved travelling to a village about three hours away from theirs where a missionary sent out by the believers’ group from the village is working. The believers there enjoyed being involved in the checking. Lord willing Phil will have been able to start preparations for his next translation project – the second half of the life of David – before they spend this month travelling.

Praise the Lord with Phil and Elin for the work done so far in translation. During one of the comprehension checks of I Corinthians 1 the fellow who was doing the responding stopped them and said “I just want to say something; how amazing this is! We don’t have much and we aren’t that smart, but He chooses to use us, that’s incredible!”
Elias started back into school – 8th grade! Elin works with him each morning, home schooling. Then, Elin’s afternoons are busy getting around to see as many people as possible and also working on literacy materials. The group of ladies she had been working with in literacy continue to meet once a week reading through small books together to continue to grow in their reading ability. It has been very exciting that many of these ladies’ husbands who had never attended the Bible teaching before have begun attending. Phil and Elin have been praying for this and joy to see God answering prayers.
Pray for Callie as she returns to school. It will be a busy year for her with added subjects.
Praise the Lord for the way He is drawing people to Himself! Keep praying that many more will come to hear!
Whenever Phil and Elin are away from the village for any length of time they get concerned and wonder how things will go with the believers. What an encouragement to return from their last trip and find more people than ever coming to hear God’s Word! They are seeing younger people interested in the Word and are praying that one of the more mature believers would be willing to start working with the youth in particular.

Pray for the believers. This next month they will be studying about baptism in depth for the first time. This is a huge step for many of them but Phil and Elin feel they are ready now to embrace this teaching. Pray for their faith and also for them as they attempt to communicate what baptism IS and IS NOT to the surrounding community.
Pray for the Lord to raise up believers who will have a heart to work with the youth.

It never ceases to amaze Phil and Elin how much interest there is in God’s Word in the surrounding villages. Several places are starting to hear the Word after having finished literacy recently. Still others are wanting the literacy and teaching to come to their villages.

Pray that God will also raise up believers who will be willing to travel to other villages and share the truth!

Please pray for continued safety in travel and especially for strength and wisdom for Phil is involved in so many different areas of ministry.

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