Where has the time gone?

Norman got back to Thailand and into the flow of things fairly quickly. Shortly after he arrived he had three days of field leadership meetings. As a result, Norman found himself driving with a colleague to visit a team working in the north east to help them with plans for the next stage of ministry. Any time Norman is in the north east he likes to fit in a visit to the Bru people and so he had a good few days there as well.
More of the Bru New Testament has been completed. Some exciting things are going on in the Bru work right now. Clark and Mary have been working hard on translating the New Testament and are ready to do final checks on the following books: Romans, 1 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, 1&2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, Titus, Colossians and Revelation. A translation consultant arrived last week to start checking these books. Two other consultants will visit later in the year to complete the checking process. Greg, the consultant, will be working hard every day for over two weeks, only taking Sundays off. Pray for: safety in travel, health for all involved, stamina for being in and out of different languages, blending personalities and cultures, working full time on translation but also needing to eat and live. Also pray for clarity, that changes which are still needed will come to light. The church’s growth toward maturity depends greatly on the access it has to the Word of God and the ability of the believers to understand and apply it to their lives. Since the Bru are most comfortable using their own language, a mother tongue translation speaks more clearly to their hearts.
Back in Chiang Mai, Norman and Clark held a three day People Group Assessment workshop for some colleagues who will be doing PGA in Southeast Asia and the Philippines. Norman spent considerable time with individuals, hearing how they’ve been doing and what has been going on in their lives and ministries. He also had meetings with friends from another mission, met with his former pastor and attended the wedding of a Thai friend Norman and Bobby have known for some years. Then at the end of March, Norman travelled to another country in Asia and on to the Philippines for a number of church development workshops and leadership meetings before returning to N. Ireland again.
Back at home, Bobby carried on with her normal work on people group assessment (PGA), among other things. Over this past year her health has greatly improved and she is feeling a lot better. Because of this, she is keen to get back to the field and Norman and Bobby will return together later in the summer. They are so thankful for these positive changes and look forward to focusing more on the work in Southeast Asia.

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