So, when will Becky Noble return to PNG? Becky’s short answer is, “I don’t know.” NTM PNG hope to be able to open the school in September, but it is not confirmed yet. If the school does open in September, she hopes to be able to return to PNG in August to prepare for teaching her classes.

In the meantime, Becky has been able to share and give presentations about PNG in various church meetings through Zoom. She has also been able to share at a youth group, a Sunday school and a home school group. Other meetings are booked, including a ladies outreach event and she would value prayer.

Whilst back home, Becky is thankful that she has been able to get the worst affected wisdom tooth removed. (The Lord really helped her through that whole process. She is hoping the remaining two wisdom teeth will not be too much trouble…) She is also thankful to have received a full ticket refund for the set of flights that were cancelled when she was trying to return to the UK.