What’s happening

Gary and Esther Smith continue serving in PNG in Field Home school and Personnel Director roles. They absolutely love how they are supporting the church planting effort and count it a privilege to serve in these ways and hearing the stories of changed lives in so many places. One thing Gary gets to enjoys is teaching their PNG friends who work with them at the mission centre. It is very rewarding hearing them tell how they understand God’s eternal plan so clearly now, and that so many believe and follow Jesus!

Gary and Esther are still planning on a seven-month home assignment beginning in June of this year. After they figure things out with Esther’s acoustic neuroma (AN), they would very much like to travel around and see as many friends and family as they can.

Please pray for:

  1. A place to live
  2. A vehicle to drive
  3. Finances for medical expenses etc.
  4. Direction, answers, appointments, and healing of Esther’s AN.

What is happening in Dinangat where Gary and Esther continue to play a part?

In November Ralf, Jeremiah, and some leaders from Dinangat flew to a neighbouring tribe to see if there would be interest in having missionaries located there. The response was positive, and they are waiting for the final word from the leaders of that area. In the meantime, other nearby language groups heard about this, and are frustrated that they were passed over, when the team flew to the other village! They claim they want missionaries as well. Therefore, they are planning on another trip to those places in the coming weeks.

Translation of Scripture continues.