West Africa

It is not just a good place to work, where Eri feels comfortable, but she also has opportunities to share about her faith with colleagues or patients. Often they are curious when they realise that Eri is moving to Africa, which can sometimes lead to a good conversation.

Please pray for two of her friends that God has put on her heart. God is working in their lives, pray they can believe in His work for them too!

Over the Easter-week Eri had the opportunity spend time with some precious friends she met in Bible school. She enjoyed spending the time together, sharing, and praying for and with each other. She feels so blessed!

Eri has been officially accepted on the West-African Team, and now there are a lot more things to prepare.

Please pray that all the papers are ready in time, and that some could even be translated.

Pray for a good transition: finishing well at her workplace is important, as are the contacts with friends, church and her family. Pray for Eri to have wisdom in setting her priorities; which is difficult at times.

God gave Eri the opportunity to share in various places; how He is leading her to Senegal, and what ministry amongst unreached people groups looks like (in West Africa). She has realised again, how good God is, how clearly He shows the way, opens up doors and is faithful.

Eri’s desire is to challenge people in Germany too, to think and pray about where God wants to involve them in building HIS kingdom!

She is very thankful for his protection whilst driving her little car; and for all the invitations, opportunities, prayers and the financial support.

Pray for Eri as before her move to Africa she has some more meetings and two conferences to attend.

Please pray, that Eri will be sufficiently prepared; and that God is glorified through her life.

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