God has provided in an incredible way and they have reached the full amount necessary to cover the cost of the well! Thank you so much for praying.

Alessandro was able to talk with the custom officials and it shouldn’t be a problem to bring over the well-drilling rig. If all goes well, they will drill the well in April. Praise God with them for all He has done and pray for the completion of this project.

A week ago, Alessandro and Chantal returned from their trip to Guinea. The twelve-hour trip each way with little kids was long, but overall it went well. On their way there, they had a little accident. They had to brake suddenly because of a big truck, which had broken down on the road, and a pickup truck rammed them in the back.

Thankfully, there were no injuries. Their vehicle has some minor damage, but the pickup was in bad shape and couldn’t keep going until they made some repairs. After driving one of them to buy some supplies, they continued on their trip. Alessandro and Chantal are thankful for God’s protection.
When they arrived in the village, they saw that they had not yet started the roof of their house and that the work hadn’t progressed much. Alessandro and Chantal were discouraged as it has now been five months since the contractor told them that it will be finished in one month. He’s waiting to receive money from someone else to be able to continue the work since they’re guessing he used their money to do other projects he was working on. Their co-workers offered to go see the contractor and offer to lend him the necessary money to get the work going until he receives the money he’s expecting. As a result, last Tuesday, they began the roof. Here is a photo of their house three days later. Pray with them that the house will soon be completed!

Pray for our Alessandro and Chantal’s co-workers and their three children. The wife has been unwell for some time and they recently made the decision to return to the United States to get some help. Pray for her complete healing and for the whole family in this difficult situation. They has offered to let Alessandro and Chantal stay in their house in the village, so they plan to move there in mid-April if all goes well. For the first month, they’ll be the only missionaries on location. It will be a challenge, but it will also be a great opportunity to depend on the villagers and to begin to make some friendships.

Alessandro and Chantal’s time in the village made them realise that this transition won’t be an easy transition.

Firstly, it is VERY hot – it is exhausting during the day and it is often difficult to sleep at night. Secondly, it is a big adjustment for the kids – everything is unfamiliar, they don’t sleep well because they are afraid and there are a lot of new noises in the night. Thirdly, there are lot of new stresses that they are no longer used to dealing with – being in a location where you can’t easily communicate and often facing situations in which it’s not clear how to deal with it correctly in the culture. Fourthly, there is deep spiritual darkness in the village with no local church.

For these reasons, and many more, they realise how desperately they need prayer, not only for this transition, but also so that they will persevere. Only God who can bring the Konyagi to know the truth and bring about the birth of a church among them. Thank you for praying.

Alessandro will soon be leaving for another trip to Guinea. He will take some of their things to the village and will bring back the Hofer family. Pray for his protection and for wisdom in his discussions with the contractor. Pray also for the rest Chantal and the children who will be staying behind. They are so thankful that a volunteer has arrived to help them! She plans to stay for almost three months and they are really counting on her help, especially during the upcoming move.

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