Well water

Robert has been working long hours over the summer at the missionary training centre in Camdenton where they serve. Rosemarie mostly worked from home, which has been a blessing since her health has not been the best. Pray that things will improve by the commencement of August when they’ll all be back full time on campus to prepare for the new term, orientation and incoming students. Rosemarie has a lot of work to do to get ready for the eight classes she has during orientation.
They’ll be blessed to have 60 new missionary candidates preparing for the place of service God has for them in the years ahead around the world. Robert and Rosemarie would value your prayer for a new term and scholastic year, to be a blessing, challenge and encouragement to the students as they interact with them. Also pray that they will be a blessing at their local church. Pray for the leadership there who are planning for “An Unshakable Truth Worldview Conference” in October at the town’s Civic Centre with some key speakers.

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